Charice Pempengco in Alvin and the Chipmunks the Sqeakuel

Charice Pempengco is back after lending her voice to one of the Chipettes, the female counterparts of Alvin, Simon and Theodore in the upcoming Alvin and the Chipmunks sequel.Charice also graced the Celebrity Fight Night Performance, a tribute to Mohammad Ali. In that event, she once again impressed the audience with her powerful voice.

See this is just one reason why personally I am not angered by Chip Tsao and his comments about the Philippines/Filipinos. We know who we are as a people, as individuals. We are not defined by "how most of our Filipinas in Hong Kong make their living." To me Chip Tsao's insults do not hold water because there is Charice and other Filipinas who are making waves here and abroad.

People who make sweeping generalizations about a certain race or a group of people are fools and are stupid. Enough said. As for the apology, our government should not have demanded one. Let it come naturally. Otherwise it will not be sincere. Yes, Chip Tsao already apologized but it was clear he was not being sincere, "The ’servant’ is a sacred term. A Hong Kong government official is a civil servant. We are all servants to God, right? I’m now aware that I’ve crossed the line and I offer my public apology." Ampucha, pa-cute! (roll eyes)

Watch the clip below of Charice's performance in Celebrity Fight Night.

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